Plans for NRHA

2017  Annual Plan

Annual PHA Plan

(Standard PHAs and Troubled PHAs)

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Public and Indian Housing OMB No. 2577-0226

Expires:  02/29/2016

The 5-Year and Annual PHA Plans provide a ready source for interested parties to locate basic PHA policies, rules, and requirements concerning the PHA’s operations, programs, and services, and informs HUD, families served by the PHA, and members of the public of the PHA’s mission, goals and objectives for serving the needs of low- income, very low- income, and extremely low- income families.

Applicability.  Form HUD-50075-ST  is to be completed annually by STANDARD PHAs or TROUBLED PHAs.  PHAs that meet the definition of a High Performer PHA, Small PHA, HCV-Only PHA or Qualified PHA do not need to submit this form.


  • High-Performer PHA – A PHA that owns or manages more than 550 combined public housing units and housing choice vouchers, and was designated as a high performer on both of the most recent Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) and Section Eight Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) assessments if administering both programs, or PHAS if only administering public housing.
  • Small PHA – A PHA that is not designated as PHAS or SEMAP troubled, or at risk of being designated as troubled, that owns or manages less than 250 public housing units and any number of vouchers where the total combined units exceeds 550.
  • Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Only PHA – A PHA that administers more than 550 HCVs, was not designated as troubled in its most recent SEMAP assessment and does not own or manage public housing.
  • Standard PHA – A PHA that owns or manages 250 or more public housing units and any number of vouchers where the total combined units exceeds 550, and that was designated as a standard performer in the most recent PHAS or SEMAP assessments.
  • Troubled PHA A PHA that achieves an overall PHAS or SEMAP score of less than 60 percent.
  • Qualified PHA – A PHA with 550 or fewer public housing dwelling units and/or housing choice vouchers combined, and is not PHAS or SEMAP troubled.


 PHA Information.



PHA Name:  Northern Regional Housing Authority   PHA Code: NM088

PHA Type:   X Standard PHA    Troubled PHA

PHA Plan for Fiscal Year Beginning:  (MM/YYYY): 07/207

PHA Inventory (Based on Annual Contributions Contract (ACC) units at time of FY beginning, above)

Number of Public Housing (PH) Units 205.  Number of Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs) 375.  Total Combined Units/Vouchers _____580____________

PHA Plan Submission Type:  X Annual Submission       Revised Annual Submission

Availability of Information. PHAs must have the elements listed below in sections B and C readily available to the public.  A PHA must identify the specific location(s) where the proposed PHA Plan, PHA Plan Elements, and all information relevant to the public hearing and proposed PHA Plan are available for inspection by the public.  At a minimum, PHAs must post PHA Plans, including updates, at each Asset Management Project (AMP) and main office or central office of the PHA.  PHAs are strongly encouraged to post complete PHA Plans on their official website.  PHAs are also encouraged to provide each resident council a copy of their PHA Plans. 

PHA Consortia:  (Check box if submitting a Joint PHA Plan and complete table below)

Participating PHAs PHA Code Program(s) in the Consortia Program(s) not in the Consortia No. of Units in Each Program
Lead PHA:  



























Annual Plan Elements




Revision of PHA Plan Elements. 


(a)  Have the following PHA Plan elements been revised by the PHA?

Y    N

N  Statement of Housing Needs and Strategy for Addressing Housing Needs

N  Deconcentration and Other Policies that Govern Eligibility, Selection, and        Admissions.

Y    Financial Resources.

N    Rent Determination.

N   Operation and Management.

N  Grievance Procedures.

N  Homeownership Programs.

N   Community Service and Self-Sufficiency Programs.

Y    Safety and Crime Prevention.

N   Pet Policy.

N  Asset Management.

N  Substantial Deviation.

N  Significant Amendment/Modification

(b)  If the PHA answered yes for any element, describe the revisions for each revised element(s):  Changes in Italics below)


Statement of Housing Needs and Strategy for Addressing Housing Needs:

Financial Resources:

Net Operating Subsidy                              $ 588,749

Net tenant rental revenue                          $ 358,820

HCV Sec HAP Funds                               $ 1,980,312

HCV Sec 8 Administrative Fees               $ 197,568

All CFP Grants                                         $ 740.725.26

Other Income                                            $ 10,400

Non-Federal Funds:

Linkages Permanent and Supportive Housing Program $

HAP                 $ 19,440

Admin Fees      $ 1,200

Rent Determinations:

The Housing Authority will review and where necessary revise its Flat Rent Policy and Payment Standards to comply with HUD Public PIH Notices. In the event the current Flat Rent and Payment Standards meet HUD requirements they will only be reviewed.  Section 8 subsidy has been increased to 103% of fair market rent.

Operations and Management:

NRHA has procured new policy guidelines for both the Administrative Plan and ACOP to better serve the tenants with accurate and up-to-date information on a yearly basis. The new policy guidelines will be merged with our existing policies over the months of April and May of this year.

Utility Allowances: 6-III.D. APPLYING UTILITY ALLOWANCES [24 CFR 982.517]

A HA-established utility allowance schedule is used in determining family share and HA subsidy. The HA   must use the appropriate utility allowance for the size of dwelling unit actually leased by a family rather than             the voucher unit size for which the family qualifies using HA subsidy standards. NRHA will review the Utility Allowances and adjust the amounts as necessary, per CFR regulations.

Portability Billing:

NRHA receiving vouchers may not expire earlier than thirty (30) calendar days form the expiration date of the initial PHA’s voucher term. This requirement is implemented to adhere to the PIH Notice 2012-42’s intent “the initial billing submission must be completed and mailed by the receiving PHA within ten (10) working days of the HAP contract execution date but with sufficient time so that it is received by the initial PHA no later than sixty (60) days following the expiration date of the initial PHA’s voucher; the billing date is now extended to ninety (90) days, in accordance with final portability rule.”

Safety and Crime Prevention: NRHA is applying for a HUD safety and security Grant. If awarded, the funding will be utilized to repair/replace security fences at all sites. Area and security lighting will be installed/upgraded at all sites. Internet-based Security Cameras will be installed at Penasco, Questa and sites in Taos as needed to provide crime deterrence and a sense of security for tenants. NRHA is also collaborating with municipalities to increase street lighting and area lighting at various sites, most notably at the Gusdorf site, Penasco and Questa.

(c)  The PHA must submit its Deconcentration Policy for Field Office review.

NRHA is not required to have a Deconcentration Policy





 New Activities.

(a)  Does the PHA intend to undertake any new activities related to the following in the PHA’s current Fiscal Year?

Y    N

N  Hope VI or Choice Neighborhoods.

N  Mixed Finance Modernization or Development.

N  Demolition and/or Disposition.

N  Designated Housing for Elderly and/or Disabled Families.

N Conversion of Public Housing to Tenant-Based Assistance.

N  Conversion of Public Housing to Project-Based Assistance under RAD.

N  Occupancy by Over-Income Families.

N  Occupancy by Police Officers.

Y    Non-Smoking Policies.

N  Project-Based Vouchers.

N  Units with Approved Vacancies for Modernization.

Y    Other Capital Grant Programs (i.e., Capital Fund Community Facilities Grants or Emergency Safety and Security Grants).

(b) If any of these activities are planned for the current Fiscal Year, describe the activities.  For new demolition activities, describe any public housing development or portion thereof, owned by the PHA for which the PHA has applied or will apply for demolition and/or disposition approval under section 18 of the 1937 Act under the separate demolition/disposition approval process. If using Project-Based Vouchers (PBVs), provide the projected number of project based units and general locations, and describe how project basing would be consistent with the PHA Plan.

Non-smoking policies. Currently we have a non-smoking policy that covers smoking in the units, but will be in the process of implementing the HUD non-smoking program.

Other Capital Grant Programs. NRHA is applying for the Safety and Security Grant.



 Civil Rights Certification. 

Form HUD-50077, PHA Certifications of Compliance with the PHA Plans and Related Regulations, must be submitted by the PHA as an electronic attachment to the PHA Plan.



Most Recent Fiscal Year Audit.

(a)   Were there any findings in the most recent FY Audit?

Y    N


If yes, please describe:  Finding: During test work it was noted that the Authority is allocating indirect cost salaries and related costs without maintaining supporting documentation for the propriety of that allocation.

Authority’s response: Northern Regional Housing Authority will work with the Fee Accountants and look to other Housing Authorities to see how they have updated their policies and procedures related to indirect cost expenses and how they are handling the new changes.  Northern Regional Housing Authority will then implement any changes necessary to be in compliance.

Finding: During our testing over contract compliance, we noted that the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sent letters to the Housing Authority noting that the Housing Authority paid in excess of an agreed upon contract by $141,624.72 related to travel costs incurred.

Authority’s response: The issue has been presented to the board and NRHA is in the process of getting more information and legal advice to resolve the issue.  In the future, NRHA will ensure that all large contracts will have legal oversight and advice.



Progress Report.

Provide a description of the PHA’s progress in meeting its Mission and Goals described in the PHA 5-Year and Annual Plan.

Goals and Objectives of the Northern Regional Housing Authority (“NRHA”) are:

•    (New) To become a model for other Regional Housing authorities in their role of acquiring, aiding and assisting, and moving to excellence the divesting  agencies brought under their control;

•          To create a Central Office regional operations headquarters in Taos, New Mexico to serve the housing communities in the northern region of the state that are within the jurisdiction of the NRHA

The New Permanent Director assessed the available talent pool and the immediate and long term needs of the organization, and revised several positions to create a more flexible approach in what was a rigid and narrowly defined work environment in what is now a permanently short-staffed office. Positions changed include: the Assistant Secretary position, who now supports Section 8, Public Housing and Finance, as well as continued support of overall office operations; the Asset Manager position was been changed to Deputy Director to better reflect activities already being performed, and give needed authority and decision-making to that position during the Director’s absence; the Inspector’s position has had a procurement element added. All changes made are to meet immediate urgent goals and objectives, but also with an eye toward bringing future troubled agencies to the NRHA fold in an organized and effective manner.

·         To create a fiscally responsible, creative and dynamic organization committed to excellence in public service;

•          to create and promote a professional, dedicated, customer service-focused team through training and technical assistance;

In addition to the first response above, The Director has increased training for all staff and has begun to implement the ‘4 Disciplines of Excellence’ a management program to increase effectiveness, responsiveness, and motivation.

•          To create quality, supportive, energy efficient and sustainable living environments at each of its housing sites;

•          to implement security improvements and curb appeal measures at each public housing site;

NRHA recognizes the need to upgrade the badly outdated infrastructure of every unit in almost every  Site under our control. To this end, our focus for CFP funding is for furnace, water heater, bathroom upgrades and appliance replacement first, security upgrades (lighting, fencing and deadbolts) interior and exterior doors second, and site improvement and exterior needs third.

•          To expand the scope and scale of NRHA by providing resources and assistance to other agencies, and by fostering agreements and transfers with troubled agencies and agencies in need.

•          To cure all operational and program deficiencies identified for all of the Housing Authorities transitioning into the NRHA;

•          to create a robust Family Self Sufficiency and Economic Development program for both Low Rent Housing Residents and Section 8 recipients by networking existing social service and employment readiness and placement service organizations within the jurisdiction of NRHA. And by promoting the participation of Residents in contracts procured by NRHA;

NRHA is not required to have this program but can be implemented as the need arises.



 Resident Advisory Board (RAB) Comments.  

(a)  Did the RAB(s) provide comments to the PHA Plan?

Y     N

During the 45 day review period, this plan will be reviewed by the Resident Advisory Board

(b)     If yes, comments must be submitted by the PHA as an attachment to the PHA Plan.  PHAs must also include a narrative describing their analysis of the RAB recommendations and the decisions made on these recommendations.



Certification by State or Local Officials.

Form HUD 50077-SL, Certification by State or Local Officials of PHA Plans Consistency with the Consolidated Plan, must be submitted by the PHA as an electronic attachment to the PHA Plan.



 Troubled PHA. 

(a)  Does the PHA have any current Memorandum of Agreement, Performance Improvement Plan, or Recovery Plan in place?

Y     N  N/A


(b)  If yes, please describe:



 Statement of Capital Improvements.  Required for all PHAs completing this form that administer public housing and receive funding from the Capital Fund Program (CFP).

NRHA recognizes the need to upgrade the badly outdated infrastructure of every unit in almost every  Site under our control. To this end, our focus for CFP funding is for furnace, water heater, bathroom upgrades and appliance replacement first, security upgrades (lighting, fencing and deadbolts) interior and exterior doors second, and site improvement and exterior needs third.



Capital Improvements. Include a reference here to the most recent HUD-approved 5-Year Action Plan (HUD-50075.2) and the date that it was approved by HUD.

There is no HUD-approved Five Year Plan on record. A new Five Year Plan and Needs Assessment is being prepared.